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Lost Art Club at The Lost Kitchen, Devon



Don't let the winter nights get you down.  Join me for a monthly Wednesday Art Skills evening, in the cosy surroundings of The Lost Kitchen restaurant, Chettiscombe, developing your artistic expertise from observational drawing through to alla prima painting techniques…

This series of sessions are designed to be both self-contained and developmental, each

adding a new set of artistic skills and building on the last. Each session will consist of a

takeaway technique to help you grow as an artist and navigate any subject whether from

life or photograph.

There’ll be tips on to what materials to use, paint handling and brushwork.

Initially working with everyday objects I will demonstrate a way to get started and support

you to create a sketch or painting to take home to remind you of the technique takeaway.

Later sessions focus on skills essential for painting both indoors and outdoors from life.

All materials are provided, along with delicious Lost Kitchen light refreshments.


These evenings offer the perfect gift for someone who enjoys art, or a fun and creative

evening out with friends learning a new skill.

The evening class is £40-£45pp, 6.30pm - 9pm, each class can be booked individually

through booking (

Class 1  “Finding your artistic perception; unfurl your

drawing skills” £40, includes A4 hardback sketchbook to keep.

Improve your ability to translate the three dimensional world into convincing two

dimensional sketches. We will be drawing objects in pencil from direct observation

using what I call the “unfurling technique”. This fundemental skill will help beginners

and returners to art to navigate any subject, whether from life or from photographs. 

Class 2 “Finding your way into oil painting-black and white

beginnings” £45 includes painting surface to take home.


Learn to paint from observation, using oil paint. Create the illusion of

form and volume by producing a “grisaille” while getting to grips with paint handling

and brushwork. This skill is essential for anyone wanting to create convincing

representational paintings.

Class 3 “Finding freedom in a limited palette-first steps in

using colour in oil paints.”

 Dive into the joy of painting in colour using a limited palette to create

harmonious paintings. Learn how colour theory can help you develop

instinctive colour mixing skills to serve your artistic intention.

Paint a seascape only using 3 colours plus white.





Class 4 “Find the key to creating depth and distance in

landscape oil painting”

Add the ability to use atmospheric and linear perspective to deepen the illusion

of space in landscape painting. We will be applying these concepts to consider

how to paint landscapes more successfully from reference photos, in

preparation for painting landscapes from life en plein air.

Honiton From The East
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