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Contact me by email to discuss your commission requirements. Prices start from £300. Please refer to commission terms and conditions for further information.

That's absoloutely perfect! I'm thrilled!", Nicky 2021

"I absolutely love the picture. You have really captured the scene so well. My dad is impossible to by a present for but he will be delighted with this!" Mary 2021

"All my family absolutely love the painting of Maisie and Teddy!" Nicky, 2021

"We just want to say how very much we are enjoying the commission. It was such a special evening with the golden hour light so prominent. 

You have captured that moment so expertly and we appreciate the extra work that you had to put in", Phil & Cathy, 2021


Why not commission me to create a painting that is of personal significance to you or someone in your life? A way to secure a unique painting that will mean the world to the owner. Contact me here to discuss.

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