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Painting the places that you love...

Welcome to my site juliedunsterartist.


Living in Devon, England, it is easy to be inspired by the countryside, moors, coast and sky. Painting outside on location "en plein air" when the light, weather and even the subject is changing is a challenge that I love, and one that helps to create paintings that I hope are atmospheric, authentic and evocative, whether outside, from life or in the studio.

 I often use Instagram for working snapshots of my latest work so if you see something you're interested in that's not on my website yet please ask me about it here.

I enjoy giving others confidence to find their unique artistic voice outdoors so if you're a developing artist and you'd like to join me in a plein air workshop, or a weekend painting retreat here in Devon, or even want to arrange a  painting demonstration please click where underlined for more information. If you'd like a gift certificate for a plein air workshop please get in touch here 


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