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Art workshops in Sidmouth 2024

East Devon Art Academy in the beautiful Georgian coastal town of Sidmouth have invited me to teach three different workshops in 2024. There's something for every level so I'd love you to join me!

Full information at Please email to book.

Beach Painting

First steps into plein air painting in oils 18-19 May 2024

Take it outside!
So many famous painters, like Monet, Sorolla, and Sargeant all painted outdoors, from life as an essential part of their painting practice. With good reason!

It is challenging to paint from life in an ever changing landscape, rather than from static photographs, but undoubtedly it is the best way to capture accurate colour and tonal relationships, recognise edge differences, depict atmospheric perspective in action and find subjects you may not even have thought to paint.

Additionally painting “en plein air” is exhilarating, sometimes exhausting, and often emotive, but always memorable and mindful. It often leads to looser paintings and a greater understanding of the art of simplification. If you are ready for this challenge this course may be for you!

With tips and strategies to help you leapfrog many of the difficulties of plein air painting, this structured 2 day course with professional artist and tutor Julie Dunster, is for artists
who are comfortable working with oils in the studio and want to take their first steps in painting outdoors, in the inspiring scenic town of Sidmouth.

A reasonable level of fitness is necessary for this workshop.

In the event of  absolutely atrocious weather we will work on fundementals of plein air or work from life in the warm and cosy studio. But be prepared as we won't be deterred by most weather!

Turning a plein air beast into a studio beauty 26-27 October 2024

Just in time for Halloween, will the ghosts of the summer’s plein air painting ‘failures’ haunt you as you move indoors for the winter months?

Or will you banish the beasts and turn them into beauties?

Join me in a 2 day studio based workshop using your own oil paintings
(previously created outdoors) to learn the skill of critical evaluation, to identify what works and what doesn’t, and ways you can improve and transform lacklustre plein air oil paintings in the studio.

Become more confident in your own abilities to solve painting dilemmas so that you can continue to grow as an artist.

Holding a Paintbrush
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