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Paint outdoors in Northumberland 5,6,7 June 2024 £450

A 3 day, deep dive introduction to painting "en plein air" based from Springhill Farm, Seahouses, Northumberland, which is surrounded by many countless opportunities to give you the confidence to create authentic, atmospheric paintings. The Northumberland coastline never fails to inspire any time of the year, notorious for its castle’s harbours and miles of sandy beaches. 

Day 1 - Tuesday 5th June 9am to 5pm 

En Plein Air Fundamentals will cover planning for plein air success, how to choose a composition outdoors, designing with line and value in the landscape to create mood and atmosphere, different ways to start a painting, paint handling and monochrome painting, building confidence before using colour.

Day 2 - Wednesday 5th June 9am to 5pm

How to harness the properties of colour en plein air to capture the moment - colour mixing, colour relationships, optical mixing and limited palette choices.

Day 3 - Thursday 6th June 9am to 5pm 

Putting everything into practice with individual support.

Julie will be giving brief demonstrations every day and there will be time to practice that day’s topics indoors and out, leading to a full day of en plein air on your final day. 

Full course details, accommodation options and how to book can be found on the organiser's website


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