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10 top tips for painting in windy conditions

If you're an outdoor painter it's inevitable that you will paint in windy conditions sometimes and it can feel like worst enemy (when paintbrushes fly off a cliff, paintings are flipped into the harbour, when a paint-filled palette lands on your coat...yes I am speaking from experience!) Just listen to the wind on this video...

But with some preparation you can enjoy the exhilaration it brings...

Things that can make your life easier include:

1.Have a sturdy easel-one that you can adjust the legs out wide,or a heavier version like a French easel, or attach a weight (like your bag) to it, or find rocks in the environment to weigh it down.

2. Use bungee straps, ratchet clamp or paper tape to secure your palette to your easel if it's separate.

3. Choose a smaller board or one that’s more compact shape rather than long - the wider the "sail" the more likely the wind will catch it.

4. Mid tone your board or work on a recycled one so you don’t have to fight to cover every inch.

5. Sounds obvious, but choose a sheltered spot, like behind a hedge, tree or wall, or hunker down and sit to paint so you reduce your surface area to the wind. Check your weather app to see the prevailing wind direction.

6. Keep as much equipment as possible in your bag so nothing flies away (i.e. keep your rubbish bag inside your rucksack)

7.Hold multiple brushes in one hand and clip down a wiping cloth rather than using solvent which could fall over.

8.Leave painting fine lines to complete in the studio.

9.Wear lip salve to stop you getting cracked lips, a hat with ties so it doesn't fly off, and warm clothing- even a warm wind can feel cold when you're stood painting.

10.Embrace the organic mark making the wind forces you to do- don’t expect to paint detail!

Do you have any more tips to share? Your ideas are most welcome.

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You definitely have it down to a tee! The value of preparation and suitable equipment really shines through. Beautiful painting!


24 apr.

When I was in Wales two years ago painting on the coast in high wind, hiding behind a ww2 tank trap. I did have a moment when an early morning dog walker spoke to me , I did not hear him come up behind me with the noise of the wind. It made me jump 😂

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