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What's your washing mountain?

I once had a friend with ADHD who would get so behind on her washing that she would just keep buying replacement clothes from charity shops because she couldn’t face the washing mountain. It was only with help that she eventually got on top of it and by using alarms is able to keep from drowning in dirty washing.

My name is Julie dunster and I’m a paintaholic.

It goes without saying that the best part of being a painter is painting. But being a professional artist involves much more than that.

I love the practical side-prepping supports, research, design, painting and varnishing paintings, wrapping them and sending them to collectors. Meeting people out painting, talking about art, teaching…

The rest of it? Not so much.

The photography, uploading of work to a website or finding exhibitions to take part in, seeking out galleries, the marketing, doing newsletters, blogs -the list goes on… but it’s an essential part of being a professional artist.

So I confess, there have been times in the when I’ve just painted. And painted. And ignored the rest of the job. So now I have a stack of lovely paintings from the last few years that I haven’t put out there for sale.

I vow to be more disciplined from now on and update my website far more often…

But in the meantime there’s a stack of lovely paintings that need a home so I’m doing an archive sale-which means people can benefit from my procrastination as I will sell them with a big discount so I can start afresh!

My flash Spring Clean Archive sale starts on Saturday 6th April and runs for one week only…till the 13th April -then the sander will come out and they will be blank canvases again…tragic really, but a lesson learned!

Do you have a washing mountain equivalent? Let me know in the comments...

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Gail Reid
Gail Reid
05 de abr.

Some wonderful work there in that sale. My laundry mountain is life drawings. I have a bulging plan chest full of them! Really need to bite the bullet and have a prune!

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