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The Art Challenge isn't over until...

Part 3 of my blog posts about getting the most from an art challenge like the Strada Easel Challenge, focuses on what to do after the paintbrush or pencil is laid down.

Firstly, can I congratulate you? It's no small feat! Whether it feels like it or not you will undoubtedly have learnt from your daily practice.

Tip 1 #

While the experience is still fresh in your mind, write down what you have achieved "I painted in oils, from life, for 31 days consecutively. I painted 30 Sylvanian characters and 1 sunset." Congratulate yourself!

Tip 2 #

Take time to thank all the people who supported you. Let those people on social media know how their support kept you going. If you didn't say it explicitly tell the people at home who brought you cups of tea, calmed you down or modelled for you how much you appreciate them!

wooden letters spelling thank you
Two words can mean the world

Tip 3 #

If selling your work, and you didn't do it as you went along, update your website or sales channels, like newsletters and social media. Ensure people realise your work is for sale. However - BE SELECTIVE. Only pick decent* work to sell. Inevitably over 31 days there will be works that are just vehicles for learning.

Collage of loudhaler
Tell everyone your work is for sale

Tip 4 #

Reflect on and write down what you have learnt both about the challenge process - "Getting up at 5 a.m. daily is not sustainable over a month/my boards were too small" and how you might do it differently next time.

scrabble tiles spelling I am still learning
Artists never stop learning

Tip 5 #

Plus what you learnt artistically "Raw umber and yellow ochre make a great gold" or "the wipeout technique worked for this best"

Colour palette fan
Perhaps you learnt about colour combinations?

Tip 6 #

Finally, write down what you'd like to improve about your skill set and decide on some learning goals.

Artist sat on floor looking at easel and painting supplies
Sitting on a cold hard floor probably wouldn't work for 31 days

If you'd like some support with your artistic journey why not have a look at how I can help?

Good luck with your next challenge - tag me @pressinglifespausebutton so I can see what you're up to and cheer you on!

Best wishes


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Feb 06



I LOVED watching your Sylvanian family members appear over the month of the challenge. Having a theme like you did works really well. Thank you for all the tips, your blog is fab!

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